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Learn all your need to know about food and how calories work.

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30 Plus Fitness Guide To Calories
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About The Book

The intention of this guide is to give you many of the tools required to increase awareness of calories, your caloric intake and how you would go about manipulating both the quality and quantity of them to fit with your own personal goals.

What we know right now from the simple fact you’ve picked up this guide is that your current habits and behaviours surrounding food don’t align with the physical outcome you desire.

That goal could be centered around improvements to your physical composition, changes to your physical and cognitive performance or perhaps a combination of both.

The quality and quantity of energy you consume on a daily basis therefore becomes critical and by giving you a deeper understanding and clarity surrounding that source of fuel is a large step in the right direction.

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What’s inside


What Are Calories?


Are All Calories Created Equally?


Energy & Nutrient Density


What You Need To Consider


Understanding Energy Expenditure


Understanding Food Labels

What Are Calories?

Calories or kilocalories (k/cals) indicate the amount of energy in an item of food or drink.

This is the energy that once digested will provide us with the fuel we need to firstly maintain normal bodily functions such as breathing, digestion and regeneration and secondly, to fuel the exercise or activity we choose to do beyond that basal requirement. Depending on the source of the calorie it may also provide us with an array of critical nutrients such as dietary fiber, amino acids, antioxidants and dietary vitamins and minerals.

We obtain calories from three primary sources within our diets. What we term commonly as macronutrients. Each of which contains a given amount of energy per gram.


Information Packed Pages

Guide To Calories 3

I learnt more about nutrition in this guide then in all my time at slimming world


The book is packed full of information. Helped me to understand nutrition before I signed up for nutrition coaching with these amazing peeps at 30 Plus Fitness. Lost 6kgs so far.


I had no understanding of the food traffic light system before I bought this amazing book *****

Eric Wong

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About the author.

Guide To Calories 5

Hi, I’m Tony, head coach at 30 Plus Fitness.

I wrote this book to give you the information you need RIGHT NOW before you embark on another diet. 

I want YOU to lose those extra pounds and gain confidence. And more importantly I want you to be the best possible version of yourself for you and your family. 

So buy our amazing ‘Guide To Calories’ book TODAY and start on your weight loss journey


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