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30 Plus Fitness Guide To Calories
Recipe Book 1

Recipes inside


Avocado & Egg Paste


Cottage Cheese Protein Pancakes


Seriously Delicious Salad


Chicken Thighs With Hoisin Sauce


Chinese Pork Stir-Fry With Pineapple


Fit Almond Energy Balls


Black Bean Hummus


Tom Yum Soup With Shrimps


Salmon Spring Rolls


Smoked Aubergine Goulash


Tropical Smoothie


Vegan Orange Chocolate Moose

Recipe Book


Here at 30 Plus Fitness we are constantly asked by our clients how they can make quick and easy meals that fit within their calories.

To help them and YOU we have packed some of our favourite easy to make meals into this recipe book.

If you are trying to loose weight these are perfect because we have included not just the calorie breakout but also the macronutrients in each serving.

Don’t just take our word for how good these are. Check out what our clients have told us about this book already.



Quick & easy to make

Easy & Delicious Recipes

Recipe Book 2

Better recipes then those in the lean in 15 books.

Nick S

These recipes so easy to make and taste amazing.

Jessie W

This recipe book is packed with yummy food. You must try them for yourself

Erica H

All the hard as been done for you with these recipes. I know exactly how many macros are in each meal. Perfect 5 stars

Carol H

Recipe Book 3

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